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Project Description

Molecola IF | Web Documentary

Molecola IF is our first interactive documentary. Born from the need to tell a cultural event, Internet Festival of Pisa. It is by far the first work of this type made in Italy.

Molecula IF is designed as a reportage. The facts reported are those of the festival: conferences, protagonists, special events. All documented through videos, photographs, texts and graphic synthesis that are inserted in a fabric of Html5 code and Java Script.
You can also find in-depth materials: interviews, exclusive videos, material to download as the slide show of the conferences used by the speakers.

The experience of the story becomes engaging, interactive and shareable.


  • Fondazione Sistema Toscana


  • Internet Festival


  • Html5
  • Javascript
  • Css 3


  • Videomaking
  • Photography
  • Website
  • Visual Design