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Project Description

Data Ulixes | Data Driven Stories

Data Ulixes is an interactive Data Driven Stories. SWG research company and data science partner of the Internet Festival carried out a survey on the main themes related to the culture of the Internet explored in the 6th edition of the festival.

Data Ulixes is the narration and advanced data visualization that shows and, at the same time, continues the investigation. The user, following a character along the passage of his day, will be able to view the research data contextualized in the activities of the character and can further contribute and express his preferences by participating in the research itself, leaving it open, dynamic and constantly updated. The result of the choices made is returned in real time, through a given visualization.

In Data Ulixes the data meet the narration, make history, are told and then contextualized. The languages ​​of writing, video and photography meet the infographics creating a unique and original interactive experience.


  • Fondazione Sistema Toscana


  • Internet Festival
  • SVG Spa


  • Html5
  • Javascript
  • Css 3


  • Data Mining
  • Videomaking
  • Website
  • Visual Design
  • Photography